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hey guys..wanna share u smething

rsenya dah lme xpost pasal kete..

well, guys cadillac cts v..

jrg dgr kan…haha..yeahh..actually

The Cadillac CTS-V is a high performance version of the standard CTS. It is a series of mid-sized cars with a pushrod V-8 OHV engine and a sport-tuned suspension. The 4-door CTS-V sedan was introduced in 2004, and the CTS-V Sport Wagon and Coupe were introduced in 2010 for the 2011 model year. The sedan competes in the consumer market, alongside high-performance, luxury sedans such as the BMW M5, the Jaguar XFR, and the Mercedes E63 AMG

Production 2009–
Assembly Lansing, MichiganUnited States
Layout Front enginerear-wheel drive
Platform GM Sigma II platform
Engine(s) 6.2 L S/C LSA V8 (556 hp)
Transmission(s) 6-speed 6L90 automatic
6-speed Tremec TR-6060 manual
Wheelbase 113.4 in (2880 mm)
Length 191.6 in (4866 mm)
Coupe: 4,788 mm (188.5 in)
Width 72.5 in (1841 mm)
Coupe: 1,882 mm (74.1 in)
Height 58 in (1472 mm)
Coupe: 1,420 mm (55.9 in)
Curb weight 4,250 lb (1,930 kg) (mfr est)
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yeah..this car was added o the car and driver 10 best car list..

such a gud achivement…hihi