Location: home

Time: 5.34 a.m

Mood: bru lpas subuh


Erkk, xsngka plak ak ni nga gian berblog.hahha

subuh2 pown gua bntai jgak..bt it’s fun ok..

nvr mind..as long as gua x kacau org sdh…p

hmm, kali ni gua nak crita pasal ni ha

“ if you really knew me”..hehe

Wassup??..curious bout  wat I’m wnt to talk to

relax guys..it’s jst a wrd ok…actually

yesterday, I saw a tv programme

tjuk die ni ha…ak pown eran gak ni program ape ek..

kalu korg nak tau silalah tgk ek..gua mls nak explain..

ade kat mtv..astro kot “macam2 ada”..kah3

btw, aftr  watch this prgrm, there’s a lot of thing dat I gotta it..

it’s all about, life, love, passion, discrimination..etc..

n I realized dat I’m not alone in this world..

evryone hve their own strory..the story of life

and mybe our story is same our bbf, bf, gf, buddy…bla2

kisah hdp kta ni akn mempengaruhi crk kehidupn kita

alngkah indahnya jka kta dpt berkongsi dgn org lain tntg dri kta

disitulah kta sdr yg “WE’RE NT ALONE IN THIS WORLD”

dn’t fell afraid, being lonely,,…

there mst be some one dat hve sme story wif u..

jst live ur life..be happy n enjoy..coz  life is short…xd….

the incredible of life..

play more, learn more…p