location: on my desk

tyme: 2.05 am

mood: sangap mau drive..

hey guys..cuti punya pasal, ak pown mulalah malar nak update2 blog.

yalah, xkkan nak tido jak, at least i’ve things to do kan..

updating my blog, so xdalah nmpk  berhabuk sangettt..

owh yeah, td gua g mkn n singgah jap kat 7E, tibe2…jeng2..

gua ternmpk my favrite things,..”TOP GEAR MAGAZINES”..

walaweh, i thought it’s a new edition, ape lg, trus blilah wlwpon tgh2 sengkekk ni..xpe

minat nyer pasal..dah lar trlapas edsi lpas, damn!!..

ok, dah bce sket tp xabis lagi..btw, i’ve attract wif the new version of lambo.

so, i made decision to share wif my freinds via fb/ wp..

It’s a LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR (pronounced “event -a-door”)

yeah, wadde!!..this car make me feel so amazedd..

the new Lambo is properly new, and began life on a sheet of paper that wasn’t so much white as virginal.

new V12, new carbon fibre monocoque chasis new gear box wif 7 speed independent shifting rod.

PERFOMANCE: 0-62mph in 2.9 secs, max sped 217 mph..still the fastest car ever doneE

ENGINE: 6498 CC V12, max power output 691bhp at 8250 rpm, torque  509lb ft at 5500 rpm

“reduced the weight of every component, increased power but decreased comsumption and co2 emissions”

“30 % lighter than mucielago”..

hmm, maybe i shuld not write everything here..

visit top gear for more information about this extremely advanced engineer cars

omaigod..can’t imagine if i drive this car..hihi