hey guys..firstly, tanx cos sdi jenguk2 blog gua ni…hehe


ok.firstly, gua nak introduce who am i..hehe

name: ahmadtang

people call me mad, tang, tango, amad..madnor and etc2,,

oh my bmw..wat a name…mcm2 ada..hahha

religion: muslim (sunni)

born at tawau sabah “land below the wind”

cme from big fmlly.

ryte now still study, taking degree at smwhere in malaysia.

like sleeping, surfing tenet, futsal, bowling and shopping..p

yeah..the most incredible meomories dat i’ve is spending my time wif friends..

well,.people cmes and go bt life mst go on..

hmm..favourite quotes: ” sometimes perfect is boring”….