The emptiness inside is indescribable.
The rush went up and down.
Sometimes you feel more,
and sometimes you are just too occupied with life that you barely notice it.

That need is to be held and pampered as if you were a baby.
Like a little child crying for milk,
A homeless person yearning for a shelter,
And a dreamy girl wishing to be kissed by ……

One may never know….
“the one” you spend your entire life looking for, could be the one who brought you that drink you barely drank,
that silly girl you knew since high school,
that family friend who is the complete opposite of your type,
or even the girl that look likes aboy and an awful taste in clothing.
Could be, and would it be?
Does “the one” really exist?
Answers I can’t yet find,and the emptiness inside remains..

for the rest of my life i”ll………….